Loungin' Pieces Fit for Your Pleasure

Most men see themselves as alpha males, territorial, above the average, competitive, a beast, strong, and unique. As a king, he is an individual that likes comfort, to be acknowledged, catered to, spoiled, & from time to time lounge around!

We pride ourselves on giving him something that he can feel...lounge in, lounge on, and lounge with...So with that being said & as the king that he is...we want him to enjoy rockin' his loungewear, in his lounging space, with his loungin' accessories all in a fashionable style and with comfort like loungin' Kings do! 

We've created a brand that adds to the lifestyle of men by offering products with a masculine vibe, loungewear that has a soft, comfortable feel to the touch, and accessories that not only appeals to his taste but also resonates with his status & lifestyle.

The idea is not just to have products with a name and logo on it...but to create products that adds personality to the lounging lifestyle of a man's leisure and lounging space. We offer products that symbolizes his status, exclusivity, uniqueness, boldness, and character-all with style and comfort!

The Loungin' Lyon™ is the lounging royal lyon with the four striped sock hanging from its paw and the words Loungin' Lyon™  scripted in between the two middle stripes. The crown symbolizes royalty & recognition that he is King! The lyon represents strength, masculinity, courage, status, and is known to lounge and be lazy when not hunting/working. The sock hanging from his paw represents the brand's loungewear.


                            Loungin' Lyon™ is the fly brand to lounge in and rock with!


                             Rule Like a King. Lounge Like a Lyon. Loungin' Lyon.







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